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Shipping Schedule

Shipping Schedule

Loft Bed Orders usually ship within 1-2 business days. Orders paid by check take a few extra days for the check to clear. During our peak season (June - September) orders may take two to three weeks to arrive. We recommend you order your loft bed in advance and schedule it to arrive on a specific date or a range of dates. During checkout you will get a box labeled "Enter Custom Specifications", you may enter your date or range of dates of when you want your order to arrive. We will e-mail you to confirm your request. Click here for more Shipping FAQ's.

Transit Times

Once your order has shipped we will e-mail you the UPS Tracking Number and it will arrive at your destination based on the following map. Note: UPS does not ship on weekends. For example, if your loft ships on Monday and it takes 5 days in transit, it will arrive the following Monday.

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