Painting Your Wooden Bunk Or Loft Bed

Painting Your Wooden Bunk Or Loft Bed

We receive a lot of requests for white or colored bunk beds, but most of our beds are solid wood and come stained, not painted. However, if you're not afraid of a little work, you can customize your bunk beds to create the perfect room for your child.

There are a few steps that need to be taken, but things will be much easier if you choose a bed that does NOT have a polyurethane seal. We have several beds that fit this criteria; mainly our Discovery and Ginger finished products. Ginger is the better of the two, since it has a lighter finish. Those two finishes can take a new coat of stain without having to do any additional priming, so if you want to darken the furniture to match items you already have, all you need to do is choose your desired stain and apply it.

As for painting your bunk beds, this is what you need to do:

      • prime the wood
      • sand the wood with a 180 or 220 grit paper because the primer will raise
        the grain making it rough
      • paint white (or whichever color you prefer)
      • apply a second coat of paint if necessary.
      • Hit it with the sand paper again lightly.

There you go! It's simple, but will require some elbow grease on your part. Within the next few months we will be getting some new bed designs so if you prefer, you can wait for those.

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