Beds - Choosing The Right Bed

Choosing The Right Bed


Proper care will keep your bed in good condition. Always read and retain manufacturers care instructions and ask your retailer for advice, too. Otherwise, the following tips will help you to get the best out of your bed during its natural life.

Out with the Old : Once you've bought yourself a new bed, make arrangements to have the old one disposed of (many retailers will do this for you). Don't give it to the children, relatives, guests or neighbours. If it wasn't good enough for you, it's not good enough for anyone else, either. In fact, it's a veritable health hazard - get rid of it.

Today's beds are better
After 10 years, a bed has been subjected to some 30,000 hours of hard labour and may have deteriorated by as much as 70% from its 'as new' state.

You might be surprised to discover just what's changed since you last shopped around. Here's just a few of the key developments and improvements.

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