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Zak Traveler Mat ZKTM-A_ (FL)

A stylish solution for your outdoor adventuring needs, the Zak Traveler Mat is loved by campers, outdoorsmen and beach-goers alike. Sunbathe in your backyard or poolside on more than three inches of cushy, high-density foam. Then fold this Zak Mat into thirds and store discretely under the bed or in the closet. Provides more comfort and structure than a beach blanket and more portability than a lounge chair. Also makes a handy travel bed for slumber parties and visits with relatives. Features water repelling fabric for all-weather use. Also available (not included in the price) matching Zak Traveler Wedge and Pillows.

Duresist Collection: Royal, Khaki, Sky, Hunter, Stone, Orange, Ruby, Canary.
Sunbrella Collection: Seagrass, Sea Stripe.

Folded: 30 In. (W) x 25 In. (L) x 10.5 In. (H)
Opened: 30 In. (W) x 75 In. (L) x 3.5 In. (H)

Wedge: 24 In. x 14 In. x 7 In. (H)
Pillow: 26 In. x 15 In. x 4.5 In. (H)
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Zak Traveler Mat Color Option*
ZKTM-A-D001 Royal
ZKTM-A-D002 Khaki
ZKTM-A-D003 Sky
ZKTM-A-D004 Hunter
ZKTM-A-D005 Stone
ZKTM-A-D006 Orange
ZKTM-A-D007 Ruby
ZKTM-A-D008 Canary
ZKTM-A-SUN1 Seagrass ($75.00)
ZKTM-A-SUN2 Sea Stripe ($75.00)
Zak Traveler Wedge Option
ZKTM-B-D001 Zak Traveler Wedge - Royal ($40.00)
ZKTM-B-D002 Zak Traveler Wedge - Khaki ($40.00)
ZKTM-B-D003 Zak Traveler Wedge - Sky ($40.00)
ZKTM-B-D004 Zak Traveler Wedge - Hunter ($40.00)
ZKTM-B-D005 Zak Traveler Wedge - Stone ($40.00)
ZKTM-B-D006 Zak Traveler Wedge - Orange ($40.00)
ZKTM-B-D007 Zak Traveler Wedge - Ruby ($40.00)
ZKTM-B-D008 Zak Traveler Wedge - Canary ($40.00)
ZKTM-B-SUN1 Zak Traveler Wedge - Seagras ($56.00)
ZKTM-B-SUN2 Zak Traveler Wedge - Sea Str ($56.00)
Zak Pillow Option
ZKTM-C-D001 Zak Traveler Pillow - Royal ($38.00)
ZKTM-C-D002 Zak Traveler Pillow - Khaki ($38.00)
ZKTM-C-D003 Zak Traveler Pillow - Sky ($38.00)
ZKTM-C-D004 Zak Traveler Pillow - Hunter ($38.00)
ZKTM-C-D005 Zak Traveler Pillow - Stone ($38.00)
ZKTM-C-D006 Zak Traveler Pillow - Orange ($38.00)
ZKTM-C-D007 Zak Traveler Pillow - Ruby ($38.00)
ZKTM-C-D008 Zak Traveler Pillow - Canary ($38.00)
ZKTM-C-SUN1 Zak Traveler Pillow - Seagra ($62.00)
ZKTM-C-SUN2 Zak Traveler Pillow - Sea St ($62.00)
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